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Took a Look at the Video

Steve Elliott
Curious about what might be on the bench, I looked at the Lie-Nielsen chisel sharpening video with Deneb Puchalski. He had an 8000 grit stone, a 4000 grit stone, a diamond plate for flattening the stones, and an Eclipse side-clamping guide. That's a little more than the minimum necessary but I wouldn't say he was trying to sell sharpening equipment. For beginners it strikes me as a good place to start.

I agree that overly-fussy methods are pretty common and that learning to use the tools well is a better thing to focus on than the sharpening procedure itself.

If I had to find something to criticize it would be his statement that the entire chisel back from the tip to the heel must be flat and polished. That could be seen as an incentive to buy a new L-N chisel instead of an older one that most likely would take considerable work to get that flat.

Overall I think the video is pretty good.

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