Hand Tools

Re: Panel Saws!! Need one, two …??

David Weaver
It looks like that's a sharpenable tool box crosscut saw.

While those saws may not be "great" by earlier standards, they can generally be sharpened and used (and are often quite easy to sharpen, making them good to learn on).

Saws are a bit like other tools. Having something really hard to try to preserve edge (tooth) life is something that goes away once you get quick at sharpening. I actually have a distaste far greater for overhard saws because they're really hard on files and you can't just whizz across the teeth as quickly and get them back to biting sharpness.

I know ripping isn't something most people will do, but generally dimensioning by hand will come along with a file stroke or two on a rip saw tooth set every project (it takes less than five minutes and saves far far more than five minutes of sawing).

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