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Re: Panel Saws!! Need one, two …??

Bruce McCrory
I would love to help you spend money. You need as many as you can grab! Because, you never know when you'll need a 10pt cross-cut, or a 7pt. Maybe, 8? Same with rips.... Toothing is geared to your type of work.

Personally, I use Japanese pull saws. My shoulder doesn't work right, even after a Titanium replacement. It likes to pull.

People collect western saws. I have a few I wish I could use, and more I need to fix. Pickers fiddle. There are articles that sort of touch on how to choose the better fit. I can't remember where I saw the better article.

I still have the lilliputian I got at age 4. People insist that little tools are for adults. I have a razzberry for them. Length of tool is subject to your proportions. I would have shorter ones because my stroke is shorter as I shrink.... heh, hehhh.

You might go to Bad Axe if you are in US, or CA, just for convenience and dedicated quality and variety. Call them for help with any ego issues. And, even if you don't plan on sharpening and touch up work by your hand, plan on it. That means don't screw up with oddball sharpening tricks. Practice basics first. You're after a good saw. It's worthless if dull.

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