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Re: Panel Saws!! Need one, two …??

David Weaver
3 things:
* don't expect to rip much with a "combination" saw. Ripping is for rip saws. Some times large things are nicely cut crosscut using a rip saw (think bench tops, really large slabs, etc - a rip saw starts to make sense crosscutting those because there's so many teeth in the cut that they don't tear apart what you're cutting and a crosscut saw may not get the bite that it would in smaller material).
* you will want at least 26" with a rip saw
* there is no current boutique saw that is better than a Disston D8 before 1930 or so (probably most are not as good, though they may look more pretty

I like pretty tools a lot. Try as I might (even managing to luck into a clean old groves rip saw), i cannot think of any rip saw that I have that's better than a D8. Sometimes others (atkins sticks out in my mind) aren't as good, as they can be floppy.

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