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Panel Saws!! Need one, two …??

Jim in Burlinton
Hi All,

I am rounding out my situation with my hand saws and I feel that I need a panel saw. I quite possibly need a rip as well as a cross cut. If I look at saw maker sites I see various lengths for panel saws, I really don’t know enough about them to know if a 26” is better than a 22”, I get the weight thing, but does length really matter, be careful there.

I also see that various makers such as Skelton make a Seaton style while Bad Axe make a Disston D 8 style, does the wood care? Again it is about hand tools and bit of the wild random I Need A Panel Saw, get a good one!!

Bad Axe actually make a hybrid saw that cross cuts and rips, who knew!!

I’m at a cross roads, buy an old Disston and get it sharpened or Spend Money… help

All advice taken will be considered and be assured I will double back with more drivel on my wandering path seeking a Panel(s)

Take care, Jim

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