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I don't even know that much..

David Weaver
..and I'm still on the fence about my own comments due to limited number of guitars built and lack of control of the ones others have built :b

But I can definitely notice the differences acoustically (as can most people, except those folks who are so conscientious as players that they don't even care what they're playing - they just want to play), without necessarily knowing that they're due to what I think they're due to.

One thing that drove me a little nutty early on was that I like what mahogany and 8 pounds or so does. But when I get khaya and honduran blanks in that range, they're all drastically different. Contrast that to experience playing a few collings CL deluxe guitars and they were all identical (I've owned two, and they were also identical). I noticed this but didn't think much further, guessing it was due to selection even though that didn't make sense to me (who would allow you to be that selective, and even still, it would be hard to make one duplicate after another).

Someone asked collings and they just spilled the secret. On the carved top electrics, they get mahogany from a specific location, but that still doesn't do it, and they didn't like chambering, so someone came up with the idea of cutting tiny slots in billets that are a bit tight sounding until they match what they want.

So - just another little nugget that gets me no closer to knowing if my comments are correct (but does let me know why they can make their same density guitars sound the same and mine don't). Gibsons aren't very consistent, either, but they're gibsons.

(and for the effort of making a consistent guitar, a lot of people label collings guitars as being "sterile, because they're all the same"). I went through a gaggle of used 360s (buying only when I could flip them once done experimenting) without carved tops where they can't do the same thing, and those do differ. Unfortunately, the first one that I got was by far the loudest and most resonant and I didn't know that until I sold it and got others :|

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