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Has anyone used moabi? (african pear)

David Weaver
Over the years, I've bought a bunch of stuff that would be good for guitar necks or tools (the quality of sawing is the same thing - close to quartered or dead quartered, little or no runout and dead - tools - or musical - guitars).

For electric guitars, the musical part doesn't matter that much.

AT one point, I bought a slab of moabi thinking it would be dense but not so dense that I couldn't just make a thinner guitar body. Well, it's really dense.

it was 8/4, 18" wide and 36" long (the trees must be very large).

I cut a few small widths off of it for chisel handles and am hesitating to otherwise waste it. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't $50 a board foot, either.

It seems like it would be about the right density for acoustic guitar backs and sides if resawn.

I know this is a narrow question - but I have a lot of stuff like this and if I go on a bender making guitars, it could get used, but I seem to be able to find such things faster than I can use them (But when I really want something specific, no dice).

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