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Re: wooden threaded cylinders

David Weaver
The large tap box is a surprise to me.

I recall George mentioning the same thing, that he'd had in his possession at one point (may have been at the museum) one of the very large boxes that even years ago was four figures in price. 2 1/2" or something, and he mentioned it coming from Europe.

I have one of the "expensive" screws on my bench - it's extremely well finished to the point that it looks like a "one finish meets all standards". I could do with a lower standard as the rest of the bench is made.

The wood selection is excellent, but if it were made to a lower standard industrially, it could probably be done and sold for half the price. .

edit: what was once about $185 is now $275, but i guess that's just the way it goes. Make it in eastern europe out of dried beech (where it seems to grow like dandelions there and they know how to steam and dry it) and my guesstimate was $100. As they are now, the parts look like they were made on a metal lathe and then burnished with a leather wheel on the show parts.

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