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I can't see chasing deep threads.

I know people used to lay them out with a strip of paper, I prefer nylon webbing. And then just cut them with a v gouge. There are also screw boxes that operate like a tap and die set. But if all you wanted was a single huge piece to make a leg vise with, it would seem faster to use a chisel.

If you want to make a one off, but use a bit of a machine to do it, you can lay out the spiral, then you saw to a marked depth so you have a spiral kerf. This indexes to a cut off card scraper, so that it runs in and out like a screw. Then you fix a v plane so that it cuts away the thread. Or you can rough it out with a gouge. Or a router.

Once you have a thread, you can use it as a tap, by mortising in a scraper blade. Lots of info out there with instructions on that process.

I have a unit that uses a router to make threads, and I have a tap and die set, but I think they all max out at about 1.5 inches.

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