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bad picture...

David Weaver
.it was, unfortunately a bad picture taken in poor lighting in a basement with rust colored carpet (which is begging to be made more current, but the reality is that my shop is through the door and the wet vac water is black (with metal dust). So that rust color could be hiding....

But when I harvested the picture off of the phone, it was even worse than I expected (including clarity of the actual saw piece, which is kind of important.

The blades that came with it were snap-apart slivers so that someone on a site could replace them quickly, but the high density fiberboard on the doors just ends up looking like a hoed row (one one opened by a no-till planter before the closers go by).

The crisp teeth on a japanese crosscut saw were perfect - no chipping of paint, etc. The paint is not perfectly matched by any paint that we have here and the code supplied by the manufacturer is admittedly by them a custom shade that's not matched by any lowes or (more importantly for me) sherwin williams paint options.

(my brain is burnt right now, so I may have said this already) Really all the gauge needs to be a really nice user is a custom made knife or perhaps a bunch of options like blades filed into a central point like a pin gauge to go along with the knives.

I like the stanley 85, but it's not a great option to give people because they are sometimes expensive. This is at least as good functionally if fitted with house made blades - but unfortunately, it's not available in the US for the probably $20-25 price tag that it came with.

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