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David Weaver
..we had hollow flat doors that I thought were fine for a 1950s house. She wanted them to be white, and I suggested that we paint them white and I'd skim them if she desired so that they looked very flat and clear.

No go.

She went and ordered these doors, which are just a pressed raised panel. I think the ad copy suggested that no noise would get by them (which is wishful thinking) and that they're more fire safe than other doors (OK, I'm sure that's technically correct, but ...).

I told her I'd put them in, that in no way would we be getting prehung doors because the house has old dense SYP trim and I'd fill it, fix it and we'd paint it.

So, the doors are in. well, 8 are. We ordered 9 -8 showed up with a paper that said there were 9 (lowes agreed, and advised us that if the factor said 9 were shipped but it was only 8, the other one wasn't really lost - it just probably wasn't made and they never see the last door show up, so order again).

It took about a work day's time to get 8 of them up and in place and fitted with hinges put on them.

I sent the mrs. with heavy suggestion that they should be semi-gloss since they were being pre-painted. When they arrived, they were eggshell or something of the sort (the trim painting was already partially completed). I asked how something like this occurs and the mrs. said something like "I think they told me eggshell would look better :b ). Oh well, the main part of the house isn't my domain and the mrs. is *very* picky and critical unless she makes the error.

I think the cost of the doors was supposed to be about $260 each plus delivery, but they are custom size and pre-hinge mortised and bored (though very sloppily - I'll live). Complaining about the damage got us 30% off ( a very legitimate complaint the doors look like they had little rubber feet punched into the bottom and were packed in a completely *open* sleeve! when the delivery guys brought them in, there were 2 rubber feet still on the ends of the doors out of 16 and we could see the delivery guys damaging them further.

I think in life, wanting everything to be perfect ends up being a tax on us (lowes already has our money, we'd be waiting months on end about promises to get other doors or starting over. It was a pain. The solution in the end was fine to me supposing we get the final door at some point and it fits. The mrs. is consumed with complaining to lowes and the manufacturer, but they're not going to care that much about one customer. Having her involved in the chaos is priceless, though - it maybe lessens the reflex to run and do things that we really didn't need to do (the orders for things like replacing doors would be several per year if I just took them on myself)

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