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Re: Underbench Cabinet: drawers #5, 6 and 7

Steve D, CT
When I was new to LN products and new, sharp saws on of LN's "lady experts" suggested a lighter grip on the saw while using it and it made a big difference. It helps to be in the presence of the person instructing you to see if you're going far enough or too far with a recommendation.

For a traditional back saw the LN is probably the best price to performance you can find. If you dislike the performance of your specific saw it may help to send it to a saw sharpener with your specific complaints and the type of work and wood that you are using. They could then adjust the teeth to something more suited to your specific work.

If you are a beginner there is a chance that it is your technique and not the saw. If you tell us more like wood type, thickness and model of saw it may help to advise you.

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