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Re: Underbench Cabinet: drawers #5, 6 and 7

What beautiful stuff! I'm more of a turner than a hand tool guy, and your tools make me want to throw my hand tool stuff out. I did once purchase what I thought was a very good dovetail saw from Lie Nelson, I think. (it was years ago at their factory, and I even have an extremely faint memory that Bob Cosman was hanging around.) The saw was expensive , too. The problem for me was that I could never cut anything with it! It had rip saw configured teeth . and these teeth were large; as a result the first tooth always got stuck in the corner of the board. I called for help and I recall a lady expert instructed me to not tilt the saw at all toward the edge of the wood and to keep several teeth just barley touching the top of the board and to saw back and forth very very gently to get started. I tried doing that, but it never worked. The saw must be twenty years old and has never cut through anything to this day. I'm disappointed because I watch Paul Sellers and Bob Cosman cut dovetails with ease with whatever saws they're using. I believe , if I were to get back into it now. that I could do better with something from Harbor Freight! How about a hacksaw?(OK. so I'm a newbe; I am a
a good turner, though. And I did recently see a Paul Sellers hack , where he recommends filling off a few of the leading teeth on a dovetail saw.) Perhaps you can give me some encouragement to get started again in hand tood work.

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