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I don't have the parers any longer..
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David Weaver
..but they were sort of transition tools between the old carbon steel marples and what's left of irwin now. They said Chrome manganese or chrome vanadium steel or something on them in a sticker, but the grind on them was still done by hand (I'm guessing they were 1960s or so).

In terms of quality, they were a full step or two above something like narex. In terms of proportion, more like 5 steps above.

Better than anything made now in true parers, at least.

I'll post a picture of some older tyzack chisels that I have - the worst of the set. It's similar.

I never notice the issue to be a problem in use with that chisel nor the tyzack pictured chisel (which is probably early 1900s or early-mid), just a little unsightly.

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