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Jack Dover
I’ll post a picture later, a mobile browser doesn’t allow attaching pictures from a phone.

The brand is Mifer. The steel is good, I have chisels from other set and they’re very good, that’s why I grabbed this set. Even if I’ll end up re-handling them all it was still a good deal. Sharpening a few of them, they’re at least as good as my old Sheffield chisels in a chopping test. Same brand chisels but from another set also have ever so slightly warped boxwood handles, didn’t notice it until yesterday.

I guess you’ve nailed it: just because it’s such a small piece, it would be easier to just replace a handle. I just wondered for a moment that maybe there’s something special about boxwood. All the pictures of warped handles were boxwood handles, so I thought maybe people have already figured something.

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