Hand Tools

Great useful post

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
you described what you do and why. A clear body of information to help guide anyone deciding what they want to do and how.

Sometimes on this Forum it sounds like building something to store your socks is all about knowing now to skillfully chisel and plane. That's part of it, a small part of it. You are not going to be good at building sock storage until you build several sock storage pieces, no matter how skilled you are at producing a perfectly planed surface. If all the effort is put into perfecting hand tool skills it is likely you will never build enough to get good at designing and building stuff.

One day I hope that my cabinet making game is getting close to yours. You will get there by focusing on the result and not the process. If you want to learn to build a place to store your socks and need a thickness planes, dovetail jig and a ROS to get there , fine. There are a thousand things to know to build a good place to store socks. If you let too many perfections of hand tool skills get in the way you may never learn the thousand other things needed to build a place to store socks. However, once you build a sock drawer by any means you can afford to add a hand tool skill to the next build. In time you will reach equilibrium between hand tools, machines and getting done what you want to get done.

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