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Re: Practical relevance of surface appearance

Full disclosure Bill, I don´t build furniture of the same caliber as you, not even close. I do however build things for me, friends and family and I don´t sand anything (except knife handles). A few main reasons in my world.

1. I don´t enjoy sanding.
2. I don´t use building finishes, only wax, oil or a coat of shellack or two, and lines from chipped or damaged irons annoy me.
3. I do enjoy planing and paring, and the sport in cutting clean surfaces of all parts. I make stuff out of wood because I like it, the process and all and it makes me happy getting a good fit and clean surfaces just with cutting tools. Knots and strange grain is part of this game and they get planed too.
4. If I sand one tricky part, or surface it looks strange to me to blend it with the adjacent planed parts.

One day I hope that my cabinet making game is getting close to yours.

That said, I do not hunt for any new steels and I´m happy with the carbon steel tools I have.

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