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Re: Confirmation of our Iron Testing

Wiley Horne
Hi David,

Great post! Very dense thicket of data to get through, but worth the effort.

A. One question: I missed a key part of the test—what was the end point of the TCC test? When did he stop? When the machine feels a certain level of resistance?

A few notes and questions:

1. XHP seems to have the best mix of wear-resistance and toughness for planing, from among the steels that are reasonably sharpenable. Do you agree? Or do you need to introduce other variables to pick ‘the best’? Or is there ‘a best’? Does it all depend on what mix of attributes we want, as between long planing runs, surface quality, preferred sharpening media?

2. What did your original plane iron testing show as to the difference in surface quality between PMV-11 and your home-made O1? I did not recall the O1 having a surface-quality advantage, but maybe I’m forgetting.

3. Can surface quality differences between the leading contenders be mitigated at the final sharpening step (e.g., buffing or hand stropping)?

Fine contribution!


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