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David Weaver
I'll oil one side if the stick (just in turning, the oil darkens it well, but based on what the wax does, it agrees with what you say - where it's waxed, the color gets very deep and vivid on the surface).

Yes on the turning later, this just helps me get an idea of how many days it will take to darken the wood. If I have time today (I have an audio session to listen to at work, which may afford turning), I'll make a handle and hang it. If I have an idea on a chisel tang size (strangely enough, it depends on the annealed stiffness of the steel - sort of a feel thing as the water hardening types won't air harden much and it's nice to leave the tang a bit tubby - the files have enough additives in them to partially harden by heating the tang and "quenching" with a leaf blower or vacuum exhaust).

At any rate, once I know what the chisels are, there's no reason that I can't turn the handles first, finish them, and then hang them.

I have a bird feeder post in the back yard (one of those two hook things). When I made guitars with dryer-less varnish, I've hung the guitars from the peghead or from a screw hole if body only from the feeders and let the air auto-twirl the guitar so that the varnish gets reasonable initial hardness (at least to the point that nothing sticks to it). I'll use that for the handles. Nobody ever asked about the guitars, but my neighbors are all close. :|

This two day test has been very useful just as a means to gauge the practicality of turning the handles, then finishing them with an oil/wax/shellac burnish. A day or two to get deep color is no problem. If it took a lot longer, then I'd probably just let them color gradually in someone else's hands.

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