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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Some years ago I moved my shop to a new house. It took more than a year to readily find where I had chosen to store the XXX in its new home. You are going to need a map to locate what drawer something is in :)

As I think about what I often use to make stuff that needs to be easily retrieved a compass, marking knives and pencils come to mind. Do these items have a home in your chest?

When all is tucked away it would be useful to provide a summary in the form of a one pictures summary of what is in each drawer. I no longer remember what was in drawer 2.

Bill ...

Part of the attraction to this cabinet is that adventure in finding tools. :) Not really ... the drawers are organised in a fairly logical order, and it will not take long to find the desired one.

There is a drawer for many items, but not all. Some will continue to live on the wall ... knives and pencils, for example, since I want to reach and grab one quickly.

One of the reasons for building this cabinet was to reduced the clutter on the wall. Originally, the tools-on-the-wall idea was developed as a way to have everything close to hand. However, as the numbers multiplied (yeah, I have no idea how this happened), the wall became overly busy and a distraction. The tool trays were intended to be used for tools-currently-being-used, but became a storage for the overflow.

These tool trays were built against the wall to get them out of the way ...

Here they are filled to the brim ...

A recent photo, before the tools have been transferred ...

The aim is to reduce the clutter, and keep the trays free for working tools. Also, this gives me a chance to thin the herd, to decide what I will keep, and what to pass on. As I mentioned earlier, I shall retire in about 3 years, and downsize the house. We have another house, with a yet-to-be-built shop. So I am thinking ahead to the move, and what will go with me.

Regards from Perth


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