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Re: color follow-up comments

John Aniano in central NJ

My limited experience with chakte viga plus much more experience with Brazilian pernambuco is this: the wood is very photosensitive and will darken with exposure to light, much like cherry, but more so. The deep color is only a few mm deep. When I've finished a bow from pernambuco, I clean the wood throughly with grain alcohol to remove dust from the pores, then apply several coats of a penetrating oil finish, hanging the bow by a string inside of a light box comprised of (4) 4-foot fluorescent bulbs. I've got a fan at the bottom to prevent overheating. The strong light gives the surface a nice tan and deepens the color. It also helps cure the oil finish. I lightly sand between coats with 1500 grit paper. The final finish is a light shellac French polish.

It's possible that your recently sawn surfaces simply haven't reacted yet from exposure to air and light.


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