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color follow-up comments *PIC*

David Weaver
So, I have four blanks. I took one and did what I normally do with chisel blanks - cut it into 1.5" squares and then turn the rounds (after a couple of weeks, they're dry).

All four blanks look like they may have a little bit of the "rake handle" wood, but some is on the heart side, and some on the sap side, and one has a stripe down the middle.

Short answer, I have no idea where the color is on it based on what I have, but that's four blanks (actually, I have a larger one, too - that makes five - it's got a tiny bit of plain coloring on the sap side, but just a corner).

Where it gets more confusing is that looking at the wax, I figured all of the blanks were very heavily colored. This kind of reminds me of gombeira, where the heart looks very dark, but only the surface is - it's cream yellow when you turn a fresh exposure of wood and then it gets dark again quickly (in weeks?) without sun exposure.

You can see here how different the blank looks with the wax layer turned off, or from the inside resawn edge. When I waxed my blanks before shellac, they also got deeper color, but the contrast wasn't nearly as significant as this shows.

So, I have no idea!! These blanks aren't the greatest, but they're about $23 plus a little shipping for enough to make 6-8 handles (Depending on whether or not there are defects), and I can't complain too much about that as they aren't just willy nilly grain direction (aside from the variation in the wood) as they're peppermill sized blanks, so the orientation is like a table leg.

the blanks look oddly long for a handle, but at a foot, they can be split in half later. Only the longest of timberframing type chisels that I've bought will have handles that are longer than 6", and maybe the odd parer here or there with an octagonal handle and a really long ferrule.

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