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one handled... *PIC*

David Weaver

Actually, it looks better than I expected once paired with the handle and the bright brass.

Chakte Viga for the handle. I figured out a nice process to shine the handles pretty hard without using much shellac - they're sanded on the lathe to 400 grit, but the last sanding is done with a heavy dose of mineral oil and beeswax 50/50 and then followed only with probably a few drops of 3 pound cut amber shellac. the wax comes to the surface of the shellac to some extent, and I'm guessing some stays under it - who knows, but the shine is good without much finish and that's the point - not to have thick (or potentially soft) finish on the tool. The wax/oil also deepens the color.

This chisel also has an easter egg on the backside. I usually grind off all markings and teeth, but on this one, left some lettering and just the faintest amount of teeth up at the back side of the tang. On purpose for the most part.

For the set of five, this is the only one made with a metal file (the file that yielded the other four just didn't make enough for the last chisel). I'm nonplussed with metal files as they're usually thinner and some of them definitely are a different alloy (much harder forging). I don't know what the difference is, but I think their edge holding isn't as good getting the standard heat treatment.

It's still good, but it's not as plain feeling. Chakte Viga is a real grab bag - some has deep ribboning like this that's holographic (no digital phone will allow that to show) and great oranges, and others looks like persimmon. Within the same turning blank.

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