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Re: agree on the polished..

Robert Hazelwood
They look great, of course. But I suggest rust blueing one or two and see how that goes. I've done it to maybe 15 chisels, and things like a Hock O1 plane iron, and I like that look better than the raw metal, which does not always age gracefully depending on the shop environment (=rusty fingerprint marks in summer).

Your finish off the belts looks good enough that the blueing would obscure the scratches (the usual advice with hand finishing is to go up to 320 grit prior to bluing if you don't want to see sanding scratches; a worn in 120 belt might achieve a similar finish).

It's more of a hassle compared to cold blue but looks better and is more durable. I used Pilkington's rust blue solution and it took 3-5 cycles for most items to get an acceptable color.

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