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Re: Do you mean this one?

David Weaver
No, but that is a supremely well made coke bottle knife and it's got excellent filework on the spine, something that's now mass produced but I'm sure george did it as a display of skill (manually).

I have a few more pictures of that knife because I thought it would be nice to make some slipjoint knives (it would, but not sure when that will happen, if ever). IIRC, he made that for the gunsmith who worked with him as a journeyman in the toolmaker's shop.

I can't find the surgeon's knife that george made - it used to be hosted on a machinist's forum, and I'm sure it's on SMC but behind a login wall (I can't see it). I think it's an "Amputation" knife or something, half looks like a sickle.

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