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Jack Dover
Those polished chisels were by MHG, and they look like they're made at the same factory as Two Cherries. People complain that heavy buffing rounds over back edges, so it's hard to get corners sharp. Maybe the manufacturer have listened, because back edges on these two were so crisp they cut (people complain about that too).

Probably high polish or edge crispness is not exactly what gives a refined look. Old Stanleys, Buck, Marples have slightly rounded edges, but they look refined. MHG looks refined with top bevel edges being rounded heavily. Mifer has all edges crisp, but they don't make it look more refined. All of these polished to a gray dull raking reflection, but look more pleasing than matte Narex with very definitive sharp shapes. Or the new Buck with acetate handles - sharp lines, better finish than Narex, but looks are still quite bland.

So I think that even when some lines are not super sharp or not exactly straight - it's ok, you're not competing with a machine, are you? You seem to have caught that overall feel in your tools that reminds of vintage makers strongly and I think this is what's important.

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