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Re: you can still glue a joint and test it..

Jack Dover
That's exactly what I do. There's a rag-in-a-can, it's occasionally dabbed with a paste wax and is used for rust protection mostly. A saw plate is wiped every time it goes back in a till, and wiped clean before every use. I'd do a few scrap cuts anyway, since I'm not working wood full time a warm up is pretty much always required.

Wax is not going to help if a fine saw binds. A thin plate gets bent a little (and a back won't prevent it) and the cut is always slightly convex. Worse yet, it won't cut true and will stray from a line on the opposite side, which is very noticeable if one makes layout on both sides of, say, a dovetail board. I'd be more worried about this rather than glue failure.

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