Hand Tools

Thanks, Wiley

David Weaver
Thanks for your thoughts. I think I can get good enough with the grinder to hand finish following it if there's any waviness. In this case, I like the look of these, but I think I wouldn't like them as much if they were glazed from end to end and showed no sign of being hand done. Not attached to the idea that making them sloppy makes them look special, but as a cue (they obviously don't look sloppy) that there is some life to them.

Much appreciate the thoughts, though - right on target for what I'm thinking (I don't mind the file finished chisels with a bit of bow in them - george gave me some tips for bending them back to close to straight if it's desirable, but it involves a brown temper, which isn't what I'm aiming for. May get a fine cutting valtitan to try - I've got a scraper chisel for plane beds that's quenched and untempered, then cut at 90 degrees. It won't touch the chisels. also have a sen or two around here, but suspect the conclusion will be the same and pondered getting a piece of carbide to use like a draw shave. )

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