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Re: no luck with pics - linked here instead..

Wiley Horne
Hi David,

Part of the attraction of your chisels (to me) is the hand-made look. They don’t look rustic—too refined for that—but the maker’s hand shows all over them. So I would keep that, whatever you decide to do.

Here are some scattered notions, in decreasing order of emphasis:

1. Go back over the reasons why you can’t shape first, then heat-treat. Do you still prefer this trade-off?

2. Suggest not trying to create patina chemically. What you’ve got right now will patinate to a low gray naturally, and will look fine (though not as good as the fireblack).

3. If you like the file finish, maybe a final go-over with a really hard file, like the Valtitan(sp?) Rc72 model or similar.

The big picture to me is that the maker’s hand and the refined lines still carry the day, just as they are.


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