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Chiseling ash with convex bevels (Unicorn)

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The previous experience of chiseling on ash with a convex profiled (Unicorn) chisel was repeated on the recent ash drawer. There was no edge damage observed with naked eye.

Of late I have been adding the convex bevel by dragging the chisel across the last sharpening media or a translucent ARK stone for a few passes, about 5. I start the drag with the bevel engaged and rock the chisel handle up to increase the bevel angle about 10 degrees +/-. As long as I get that bright reflection at the edge the edge holds up better than without it.

This edge refinement ended my quest for a more robust steel. I think any reasonable quality chisel can be made to hold up to normal work.

With the steel issue out of the way for me the focus shifted to ergonomics. While David has been reporting on his steel adventures the practical result for me was the chisel handle. The handles he put on the chisels he sent me are just perfect. There is something subtle about them that I was not able to replicate with a quick attempt at replication. The details of this handle merits further study on my part.

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Chiseling ash with convex bevels (Unicorn)
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