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David Weaver
...but as mentioned in a prior post, an occasional introduction of paraffin to a warm saw is excellent rust protection, not for the purpose of lubricating cuts. If one can douse a saw in paraffin (Which sounds an odd comment, but the plate doesn't need to be very warm to get a melt) and then cut 5 slots, let's say and then cut a set of dovetails, the dovetails probably won't be affected and the saw will be rust protected for a long time. The bulk of the wax coming off will be at the front of the first few cuts.

setting the saw would be wise in this case if the issue is pinching in the cut, wax to prevent rust. How often for the wax? Every couple of months, not each time the saw is used. It's remarkable how well a thin coat of wax stays on a saw (perhaps it's staying in grooves, I don't know, but I know that I rarely (never) have to deal with rust on saws whereas planes sitting around the shop don't fare as well.

The file chisels will look like they're getting straw temper if water is left on parts of them while grinding other parts.

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