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Re: Perils of giving or receiving advice

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
The handle on my LN dovetail saw is a smidgen too small for my hand, not enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to be noticeable. I think new LN handles might be just a smidgen larger, to more effectively cover that end of the bell curve.

I don't have a Veritas DT saw, but I do have one of their crosscut tenon saws. The injection molded back has too many curves where I think it should have more straight lines and planes. It makes it a bit more difficult to aim it accurately.

William, I have several dovetail saws. Some purchased new, some vintage and restored, and some I built. The handles vary slightly, but I can say that the LN (purchased about 15+ years ago) has one of the larger (= thicker) handles. By contrast, the Independence Tools dovetail saw, upon which it is based, has a relatively slim handle. The Veritas dovetail saws (14 and 20 ppi) are very similar to the LN. For reference, I have a large-ish hand, with 4” across the palm.

For those interested, I wrote a review of the Veritas 20 ppi, comparing it to these saws, in 2009 ....


Looking at the aiming issue, I do not use the brass or composite section in this regard. In fact, I ignore them, instead watching the teeth and the angle of the plate. I suspect that watching the back and the teeth at the same time is likely to make you go cross-eyed :)

Regards from Perth


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