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there's a life hack to this, too..
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David Weaver
...God, I hate that term (someone pirated the unicorn article that we did and published it in some digital medium, and below it, it says "life hacks").

At any rate, you, me and everyone else cannot do what's needed to normalize the ingot stainless and other such metals without steel wrap and a furnace as the carbide melt temperatures are high for chromium and higher for vanadium. I'd imagine that someone willing to dedicate a lot of time in controlled lighting could learn to normalize reasonably well in a forge, but it would take a lot of discipline.

The work around is that you can just heat the PM steels and quench and temper and get a very good result. I have a bos (or had) 154cm knife specd at 61 hardness. I also have XHP stuff all over the place (the former is not PM). I haven't bent both types to see how far they'll bend but for woodworking of knife slicing, the cheat-heated XHP is heads and shoulders above the 154cm in edge fineness and edge taking at similar hardness.

results with ingot steels attempting a couple of heats or a longer heat, not so great (predictably - AEB-L is OK but that's it. just OK at relatively soft tempers, which doesn't match Larrin's charts).

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