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turns out...

David Weaver
..sharpening with a straight razor is about 3 minutes plus 1 for the strop, it's really pleasant, the edge is identical each day, no razorburn, no gunk on the blade, and shave on 5 days growth? no razor apparatus to care about the hair lenght.

...at any rate, the turns out part - once you dial it in, it's not hard, and one razor is easily a lifetime of shaves, and the strop is probably near that.

(and another last bit - the metallurgical scope pictures that I post all the time - the razors are actually the reason I have the scope. To grade stones and to check edges and methods. It's really hard to be honest selling natural stones without checking what they do under a scope, and it's also a good way to identify when a stone is coming up short due to contaminants in the natural matrix vs. just being larger particles than advertised - the former is trash can material, and the latter should be marked down or advertised for other use. Unfortunately, many of the dealers aren't that honest and there are a lot of marginal natural razor stones - at best, vexing beginners).

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