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Also agree with your sentiment...

David Weaver
..if we choose a test to infer something from and don't observe differences similar to the test in regular work, then it starts raising a question about:
1) whether or not we're looking at the right measure
2) even if we are, does the test measure it in a meaningful way for use

I felt like planing about 40-50k feet of wood was the most reasonable test for iron durability (and i think it was reliable - if it wasn't, I wouldn't know what would be), but even in that case, found that the results are excellent if the planing is like the planing in the test, but there are other issues in daily use that the test didn't cover - especially in regard to damage taken on contaminants in wood, knots, dirt in knots, etc, silica, and then honing that out so that it doesn't accumulate.

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