Hand Tools

That would make sense..

David Weaver
..you'd probably have to make some concessions on shaving thickness, and thinner shavings would need something steeper (and close) to hold them down until the iron is in the cut.

The mistake that I made in imitating the K&K video with a japanese plane is that I honed an 80 degree bevel. The shaving effectively was held down, but then had to be bent further than needed and broken harshly to escape.

The point of laziness (effectiveness) here i'm sure is getting the job without spending more effort than is needed to break a shaving that's already severed from the wood. It reminds me of the concept to kids of explaining why tires with low air are so much slower - the constant work to bend rubber.

You could spot someone who didn't know what they were talking about after the K&K video as they would assert that a hand plane should be set up with an 80 degree flat bevel and set at 8 thousandths. It worked on a japanese plane, but it was pleasant to use at a single shaving depth just before it got close enough to the edge to really bend the shaving harshly - the range was extremely poor and abrupt.

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