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boy is that not easy to get a picture of.. *PIC*

David Weaver
Worth posting this as each iron does have the "weaver" roundover on the front, but short on a try plane (And most planes) so as not to create a wall for the shaving to get turned harder than necessary.

...I'd guess that this roundover is about 1mm tall. It also appears to be really steep but no part of it is steeper than 55 degrees that I can tell (and to get any more accurate, I'd have to rotate it under the microscope to see when it's "bright"), which would be more work than it sounds as I'd need to remove the scope from the base.

This is the "nelson plane" (ibbotson) cap iron.

But guess 55 - I don't roll these up particularly steeply in try planes, or make the wall very tall.

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