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Re: you have invented a steel porperty

Wiley Horne
What I gather....

I don’t think David is talking about a bulk property of steel, that we reference in structural applications like steel-frame buildings, cambered beams, cantilever, and so on.

I think he is describing a property at the grain-size level. He is looking for a steel/heat-treat combination that is 61-62 hardness, but that fails by wear (rather than microchipping) when subjected to normal chisel-chopping tasks like making half—blind dovetails.

I see it the way you did originally, Bill. Namely, that David is looking for an optimum tradeoff between the properties of hardness and toughness—except that his toughness is not a gross measure like a notch test. His toughness is operating at the grain-level, and he observes it at 100X (or so) through a microscope.

David is saying that V11 microchips in his testing and observation. That set him looking for the cleanest of the lightly alloyed steels that will not microchip at 61-62 when dovetailing.

In short, David has not invented a new property of steel. He has invented his own test, and is using this test to find a 61-62 hardness steel that dulls by wear rather than microchipping.


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