Hand Tools

re: the V11

David Weaver
The microscope tells the story in terms of whether or not it's better for a chisel - vs. something like 62 hardness O1, I'd rather have the O1 - performance is essentially identical to better in most things and it grinds twice as fast.

I suspect that in any test where V11 does better than everything but japanese chisels, it's just a test that favors hardness - I couldn't accommodate the edge to cease chipping as easily and suspect that's because there's no predominant grain direction.

But I only suspect that - I'd sooner have a chisel of that style in 62 hardness O1 than V11, but there isn't an option, and wasn't encouraged after feel and test to buy any more of the V11 chisels or get XHP from alpha knife supply and make my own (the house made irons work fine, though, but I'm not using them at this point either as per the prior discussions of accumulated edge nicking in other than ideal conditions - something that also happens with any overhard iron - but I don't think the XHP is overhard, I think it's just the carbide volume driving that).

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