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Re: Comparing David's Cap Irons *PIC*

David Weaver
I probably didn't communicate that well, or maybe didn't think far enough - I think the shaving is done touching the cap iron before the 26 degree area, though that's interesting just from a wider rounding area (I measured quickly this morning and just mentioned it).

I'll post a picture of the part that creates the jam and the issue with effort - I think it's the same portion you're talking about. I think you mentioned something like 3mm and I blindly just measured there and came back and went back to work.

See the snipped bit attached though and let me know if we're talking about the same resistance part.

Yes on this cap - if it's important that I use it (as many times as I've stared at it, I should've hammered some of the spring out and just filed it flatter), then I'd do that. I guess the plane's not under the bench right now so it's out of mind again.

It did teach me a valuable lesson, though. I think this summer, I am going to make some solid steel irons that are hand made with the back hollow like the older irons and then temper them as I like for smoothers and stuff - we'll see. Not sure if I'll make cap irons, but it wouldn't be a problem at this point. The benefit of the experimentation is that I won't waste time making something that I later find out I don't like.

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