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David Weaver
..the whole something for nothing idea in woodworking always has and always will impress a lot more than someone showing crisp work.

I guarantee frank's videos of stuff that he's doing as a showman generate a lot more interest than the wonderful video of george and a couple of apprentices making a harpsichord and violins ever will.

As for the blades - I did bend a bandsaw blade, but the bit that was folded, the teeth got mangled some. I'd rather make a blade like this from a blank, fold it and then cut teeth, but I also completely lost interest in the idea when the whole experiment sparked solving another problem (getting portaband blades to last without the portabandsaw ripping the teeth off of them in high carbon steel) and wouldn't give up my frame saw now that I've found how well it works with bimetal (and resharpenable once the teeth aren't constantly being torn off of them) blades.

Anyway - one thing that became apparent is that as long as the frame saw is large enough and the blade isn't too super thin, you can locate the transition so that you can saw vertically with the front and horizontally with the back. There's no need for it to not have teeth on the front part - it's a matter of touch ending the last vertical cut stroke at the point you want to transition into cutting horizontally.

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