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John Aniano in central NJ
Hi Bill and Warren,

I've watched Frank Klaus do the 5-minute dovetail maybe 4 times in person, once when he presented at our local NJ club, the CJWA, maybe 12-15 years ago. I'd forgotten that the saw blade had no teeth for the vertical cut. He might have had several of these blades; I once watched him purchase a cranked blade at a CRAFTS tailgating event in Flemington, NJ. If I had only gotten there first! But he knew what it was and how to use it, so Frank got the blade!

The version of the cranked blade shown by Roy Underhill had teeth both in front and behind the 90 degree cranked center portion. Same idea, slightly different execution method.

Yes, the final dovetail results can be sloppy and I also remember Frank talking about filler for the gaps for the 5-minute joint. Also mentioned that the joint would be hidden with moldings in kitchen cabinet construction. Quick, dirty, strong. Maybe we humans simply have a fascination with clever tools and techniques. "Out of the ordinary" is better.


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