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Re: 90 degree bend blade...

Warren in Lancaster, PA
I ran across the 1979 Fine Woodworking magazine which mentioned the bent blade. Editor Rick Mastelli had visited Frank Klausz, who pulled out his party tricks. There were two things that I had forgotten about.

First, the saw had no teeth on the forward (vertical) portion of the blade. Klausz made the vertical cuts with a regular bow saw, then used the bent saw for the horizontal cuts. So the saw rode on the blank part of the blade and did not go any deeper past the gauge line.

The second thing was that Klausz said that the saw was used for packing crates and painted cabinets. He made a filler from sawdust and glue and filled the gaps before painting. My feeling is that if you are well skilled with a chisel, filling gaps is not a time saver.

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