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Re: David, somewhere in this thread

David Weaver
that part, I did - the blade - the saw is too long and the blade doesn't have enough conviction to turn, so it needs that 90 degree kink in it that John pictured. In order to make that kink, it needs heat.

I heated a section of a cobalt bimetal blade (I have some defective ones that don't have very hard teeth - not sure why) , but it cools so fast that I cant figure out how to get it hammered. I almost need to get a weed torch out and hammer it under heat, which will be tricky. The other option is to try to heat it enough in the vise and bend it and kink it in the vise, and see if I can get enough heat on it so that it doesn't snap.

When they're cold, you can break them almost just by hand pinching them together. One of the starrett cobalt blades, I was able to do just that with nothing else. The 9 degree kink will force the blade to bear against the side of the vertical cut and force the teeth straight through the wood on the bottom.

I think I can figure this out - we'll see after I do if a blade will tolerate being tensioned, though.

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