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More specifics for a "cranked" dovetail saw blade
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John Aniano in central NJ

I looked at some of my books and found in Roy Underhill's "The Woodwright's Apprentice" (1996), page 36 at the top, is a closeup photo of the blade he uses. Page 34 shows the entire blade in his frame saw. Roy refers to it as a "cranked" blade and states:

"The blade is a length of fine-toothed bandsaw blade, softened with heat and then hammered to a right angle in a sharp jawed vise. The unbent part of the blade cuts the vertical line. To turn the corner, gradually start jab-sawing with the bent section until the second, horizontal half of the blade is fully engaged."

I'll try to take a photo of the B&W image in the book. By my eyes, the cranked blade he is using was only maybe 1/4" wide, judging from the approximately 1" stock Roy is using to make the Jefferson's Book Box project.


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