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try 1 is the failure....
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sure... ()

David Weaver
...that probably makes try 2 a success..

I have a skip tooth type bandsaw blade that's 1/4 inch or so and about 4 or 5 teeth per inch. The teeth are far apart, but that's not the problem. The problem is that it's 20 thousandths and doesn't have the rigidity to stand up for itself, and it's not very hard, which compounds that problem.

I'll have to find some blade stock that's about 30 thousandths thick and fully hardened. I do have that on hand, but 700mm is a lot of teeth to cut in and set, so I'd rather look around for a chinese-made carbon steel turning blade of the right length or longer (not hard to cut them down).

Drilling through the blade to affix it to the saw confirms that the plate is very soft and bendy. It needs to have some conviction to make the turn. Bending is easy - put one end in a vise, and sandwich a clamp about 6 or 8 inches away and just twist slowly (observe the points of hold at the vise and clamp to make sure the bend is uniform and not creating a snapping point right at the ends- as in, not making a kink at the two end points of the open section.

The whole setup must be keyed to softwoods - hardwoods are going to prevent the blade from efficiently making a turn - the blade has to kind of half cut and half force its way through the turn. Much set is necessary (which can be seen by the ragged back side of the cut when klausz uses that saw).

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