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Re: 90 degree bend blade...

John in NM
I did experiment with turning one end of my coping saw blade in the frame. I think the bend needs to be sharper than I got doing that, but with practice it would probably work if someone wanted to try it. As Jack said though, it really worked for Klausz because the blade was coarse and long, one stroke is what I remember seeing.

However, I was kinda joking for a reason - the previous debate over seconds saved with a bandsaw over a fretsaw. I found that pretty funny myself, but perhaps I'm the only one with that kinda warped humor.

As Jack points out, that saw of Klausz's was not a precision tool, and I never thought it was supposed to be, myself.

I always took the purpose of his demo to be to get people to focus on how easy and quick it can be to make this joint and how it need not be perfect to work well. I think that is a lesson that the internet woodworking world could stand to revisit often - better to make stuff imperfectly than to never make it at all (and then argue incessantly about how one makes it perfectly, having rarely done so!)

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