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Re: it has to be quartered....

John in NM
When I was worried about the appearance of a drawer side, I would use soft maple (it was cheap back then, cost only a bit more than poplar).

Down here I could probably get clear pine pretty easy when I can find a local mill running. Logging here is very small scale, but it has been so for decades and there are still some nice trees around. I think the local mill closed though, I'll have to check. Smaller operators are starting and stopping all the time around here - I think they run for a while until they get tired of the huge amount of work it is to produce lumber.

The local white pine is nice stuff. Its cones make great fire starters too, they practically stick to a wall when tossed.

However, for reliable source, I'll just be using poplar. Maybe leave it out in the sun for a day after milling the parts, get rid of all that green and purple color.

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