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riven pine...
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I have to admit... ()

David Weaver
would be divine to work with.

about 3 years ago at home depot, someone loaded stair treads into one of the bins with the pith in the center and perfectly quartered white pine on both sides.

Of course, I bought only what I was going to use in the near future, cut the pith out and had absolutely wonderful pin straight wood for drawer sides. They were $11 each and guitar neck straight outside of the pith.

Went back a couple of months later, and there was some kind of fingerjointed tiny wood crap in the bin :( Haven't seen anything like it since other than large SYP boards, which often have clear quartered sections in them, but the latewood in SYP once dry is a real bear when combined with the soft earlywood (and even when perfectly sawn, it's a bit homely).

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