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I have to admit...

John in NM
After trying pins first and coping out the waste yesterday, I do prefer both methods. Now I just need to make one of Frank Klausz's "around the corner" saw blades :D

I still hate using pine for drawers. This was a utility drawer I would otherwise have done differently, and it was made of scraps of pine I had around. Pine is horribly variable stuff these days, the best I have ever used came out of the attic of my house up in the mountains. It is quite resinous stuff, basically local #2 boards cut in the 1960's, but all older growth and works far better than what you get at the local store these days. I could see using it if you have old growth material, but I still much prefer a hardwood.

For a utility drawer, dovetailing was not quite as quick as if I'd set up the dado set on my saw and cut box joints as I normally do for such applications. However, it was not so much slower that I won't do it again for a similar project. Its very good practice and kind of refreshing to do in a context where one isn't overly concerned about tight results.

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